3 time management tips for a successful September

Posted on 1 September, 2019 by Lyndsey Segal in Business Coaching

There’s something about September that always feels like a fresh start, a new beginning. I think the back to school and new academic year milestones remain with us long after leaving school.

September is a great month to reflect on our accomplishments from the year and consider how we can boost our productivity to finish the year on a high!

If we all have 24 hours in a day, how can we use them more effectively?

There are three time management tips that really make a difference.

1) Timetabling

Take a typical week and write in your personal and professional commitments. Also include lifestyle activities that help you perform better such as go for a run, go to a yoga class, attend a networking event.

Creating this overview of the week will help to visually see the time you have available and how to be more focused and productive with it. It will help you to make positive changes to your working week and create a healthy work-life integration.

2) Planning

Scheduling your tasks in advance, deciding how much time to devote to each of them and setting realistic deadlines can help keep you focused and on track. Consider what times of day best suit certain tasks and when you are your most productive.

3) Remove distractions

Usually we’re balancing to-do lists, emails, phone calls, meetings at the same time that we are trying to get something accomplished. It’s rare that we are fully engaged in the single task at hand.

Identifying your distractions makes it easier to minimise them. Whether it’s turning your phone to silent, turning off social media or email notifications, removing or at least minimising your distractions will help to create time for deep, focused work rather than fragmented sessions.

There are thousands of time management apps and productivity gadgets out there but in my experience, the most effective time management approaches are simple and free!

How do you manage your time to accomplish more at work and at home? I’d love to hear them so please share them with me at lyndsey@heads-up-coaching.com

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