5 easy ways to increase your confidence for more competence

Posted on 1 March, 2019 by Lyndsey Segal in Business Coaching

Lack of confidence is one of the biggest challenges business owners experience.

One (wo)man bands often wear many hats and juggle many roles. With a lot of pressure falling on one set of shoulders, it’s easy for Imposter Syndrome, self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs to creep in and affect your confidence.

Speaking in public, delivering an elevator pitch, networking, giving presentations and communicating rates to clients are important skills to promote and grow a business. If delivered with confidence, they can stand you apart from your competitors.

Here are 5 easy ways to help increase your confidence for more competence:

1. Self-awareness– being mindful of when you are feeling low in confidence is important. It can help you spot patterns or identify triggers. Identifying and understanding these can help you to make positive changes.

2. Identify strengths– it’s easy to focus on weaknesses and challenges, especially when feeling low in confidence, which can create a catch-22. Focusing on your strengths and how you can use these to move your business forward will help you to refocus and think more positively and proactively, which can help to boost confidence levels. If you find this difficult, think about what others would identify as your strengths.

3. Change language– phrases such as ‘I can’t’ ‘I never’ ‘I couldn’t’ are known as self-limiting beliefs. If you catch yourself using these, try turning them into positive statements and affirmations such as ‘I can’ or ‘I will.’ Ask yourself the empowering question of ‘what would happen if I could….?!’

4. Visualisation

  1. Focus on positive changes you can make and imagine what they would look/feel/be like for you.
  2. Take this as an exciting and uplifting exercise. Look for positives.
  3. Then identify the steps needed to achieve these outcomes.

5. Focus on your goals – it’s easy to let challenges and setbacks throw you off course but keeping laser-focused on your goals will help get you back on track. Perseverance and persistence are key. Regularly reviewing your goals will help with prioritisation and focus.

Get support from a great network

Running your own business can often feel lonely and isolating, which can impact on your confidence, so it’s important not to feel alone. Find a network of support to help you through – chances are there are lots of other people experiencing the same as you. Networking events or groups are not just about getting leads or sales. Search out some of the many really great groups where so many like-minded people help and support each other. Reach out to friends, family or trusted colleagues and talk through how you’re feeling. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

How I can help you

I can help you to break down barriers, overcome obstacles and gain clarity on the next steps to grow your career or business.

Clarity helps to create confidence and with confidence comes clarity.

Take a look at the ‘Boost Your Confidence’ module from my small business coaching programme Business Boost  and please get in touch to arrange your free consultation.

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