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5 ways to help you get back to business in September

Posted on 4 September, 2023 by Lyndsey Segal in Business Coaching

There’s something about September that always feels like a fresh start, a new beginning, and for many, a time to get back to business after the summer break. 

Whether you are refreshed and raring to go or need some motivation to get back into work mode, here are 5 ways to help you get back to business and boost your productivity this September:

1. Identify your next steps

Whether you are thinking about the next steps of your business or getting a new idea off the ground, gaining clarity of what you want to do next, how you are going to do it and by when are the starting points. 

This will help you plan and execute your next steps with clarity, focus and confidence

2. Set new goals

September is a great month to set clear goals and establish priorities.

Make sure your goals are S-M-A-R-T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound).

Think about why the goals are important to you and the difference their outcomes will make. 

3. Create an action plan

An action plan provides clarity and a roadmap for where you want to get to. 

Break down your goals into small, achievable steps and prioritise them in order of importance or deadline dates.

Put key dates in your calendar or task manager app.

Sharing your tasks and to-dos will hold you accountable and help to keep you focused and on track.

Remember to celebrate your victories as you reach milestones along the way!

4. Review your website

September is a good time to review your website and check if the content reflects your current business offering, products and services.

Asking these 3 questions will help:

  • Does your website clearly show your core (or new) products and services and how you help?
  • Is it intuitive and easy to navigate around?
  • Is it easy for customers to book or buy from you?

5. Manage your time effectively/prioritise your tasks

Effective time management isn’t just about getting everything on your to-do list done or clearing your mental load – it’s about prioritising the things that are important to you and focusing on them. 

Good time management also reduces stress and overwhelm, which helps us handle the demands of business better. 

Start by creating a to-do list and identifying which tasks are most important.

September is a great time of year to identify your next steps and create goals and an action plan to achieve them. Knowing how to best manage your time and tasks effectively will help you get back to business and boost your productivity this September.

Here are 5 ways I can help you get back to business this September:

1. ENERGISER business coaching programme

My extensive business coaching programme, designed to supercharge your business and boost your productivity

2. Goal setting and action planning

Create and achieve your business goals with an action plan to guide and grow your business.

3. Time management and productivity coaching/training

Learn how to manage your time and workload effectively, boost your productivity and achieve your goals.

4. Accountability coaching

Stay on track, meet deadlines and be accountable to achieve your business goals.

5. Website review

Make your website work better for your business, by improving its content, design and usability.