My story

My interest in helping others improve and succeed dates all the way back to my Primary School, when I volunteered to help younger children read. My continued interest in human behaviour and potential led to a Psychology degree and a Teaching career.

During my twelve years as a Primary School Teacher and Senior Management Team member, I facilitated staff training and coaching for team members to find positive solutions, successful outcomes and improve their professional performance.

As a Performance Manager, I worked extensively on identifying targets for pupil and staff performance and worked strategically to implement these across schools.

In my ‘Outreach’ role, I visited a large number of schools offering advice, strategies, resources and support to families and staff working with children with Special Educational Needs.

I took a career break to focus on the best job in the world – motherhood, which I loved and appreciated immensely. When the time came to return to work, I faced a career crossroads. I needed to change career and retrain. I wanted to find passion and fulfilment in my professional life, while balancing it with being a Mum. I knew I had found the perfect fit when I retrained as a Coach and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I achieved a Diploma in Performance Coaching and NLP, accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists and Education Development International, after which I proudly set up my own Coaching business: Heads-up Coaching.

Returning to work after a career break, experiencing a career change, starting and growing a business were incredibly exciting and exhilarating but also overwhelming. My learning curve was steep but incredibly rich and I embraced my venture with enthusiasm, passion and commitment. I learnt so much about starting and growing a business that I soon realised it was the area that I wanted to specialise in, so I could provide support and encouragement to people at pivotal points in their career and small business.

My mission is to help my clients to find solutions and positive outcomes to their careers and businesses, while overcoming obstacles affecting professional performance, so like me, they they can achieve enjoyment, fulfilment and success.

Personal and professional coach Lyndsey Segal

How I work

I offer a free consultation for you to discuss your goals and aspirations.

Assuming we are a good match for working together, I will suggest a Coaching package tailored to your needs.

I will design a bespoke Coaching experience to empower you to achieve your goals.

I work face-to-face across Brighton and Hove and by Skype/telephone internationally.

“Lyndsey put me at ease throughout the sessions and provided a relaxed environment in which I was able to talk and think openly.”

Tom, Civil Servant, Foreign Office