Learn how to blog more effectively and successfully for your business.

You will learn to:

  • Create blog content which showcases your knowledge and expertise
  • Structure your blog
  • Use helpful tools to write and improve your blog and drive traffic to your website
  • Use blogging to promote and grow your business and increase your visibility
  • Promote your blog and help your blog to be read by a wider audience

1 hour


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Marketing your business

3 hours


“Lyndsey has helped me come up with a range of blogging topics, a realistic schedule and how to incorporate blogging into my marketing strategy and timetable. This will enable me to re-connect with existing clients and reach new ones to show my expertise and business offering.”

Clare Davey, Digital Design Tutor at Digi Training

“Blogging is something that I had wanted to get into for a while but had no idea where to start. Lyndsey broke things down into easy to follow steps and had a good format and structure to follow to create a good blog.

Benjamin Fish, Sports Therapist at Beneficial Treatments