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In my ENERGISER business coaching programme, I will help you to:

  • Create your business goals and an action plan to achieve them
  • Communicate your business offering (including products, packages and pricing) and how you help across your marketing
  • Optimise your website to showcase your value and expertise 
  • Apply a range of tools, techniques and strategies to manage your time and workload effectively
  • Manage your email and gain control of your inbox
  • Manage your stress and energy levels effectively
  • Create a healthy work/life integration

Price: £995

Working with Lyndsey has proven to be an excellent decision for our small business.

Lyndsey has provided invaluable guidance as we navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with running a business.

Lyndsey’s business coaching skills have been particularly helpful in improving our time management, productivity and accountability.

In addition to her professional expertise, Lyndsey has a caring and supportive coaching style. She is dedicated to helping her clients succeed and is always ready to offer encouragement and motivation.

Overall, our experience working with Lyndsey has been highly rewarding, and we recommend her services to anyone looking to gain focus and take their business to the next level.

David Middleton, Director at Bewilder Box

“Lyndsey has been a truly inspirational coach, helping me think about where I want to take my business. She has so much knowledge to share and does it with a welcoming and professional manner.

Lyndsey has helped me with goal setting, putting together my elevator pitch, how to market my business, blogging and gaining business confidence.

So, if you are stuck with where to take your business or just want to update your business skills, I can thoroughly recommend Lyndsey at Heads-Up Coaching.”

Lesley Anne Baker, Travel Consultant


“Lyndsey has helped me to find greater clarity and certainty about my business.

Lyndsey’s support has been invaluable. I have learned how to plan and execute sequential steps towards my goals resulting in the goals becoming reality. 

I highly recommend Lyndsey to anyone who is looking for a Business Coach due to her lovely combination of care towards her clients and professionality in her approach.”

Sarah Henderson-Sharon, English Teacher and Language Anxiety Coach