Time management and productivity business coaching module

You will learn to:

  • Structure, prioritise and schedule your time and workload more effectively
  • Keep focused by reducing procrastination, distractions and overwhelm
  • Apply a range of tools, techniques and strategies to boost your productivity
  • Manage your email and to-do lists more effectively
  • Create healthy working habits
  • Create a productive working environment
  • Achieve a healthy work-life balance

Price: £335

This is also included in my Working from home module.

This is also available as a team training workshop.

“Lyndsey has helped us during these unprecedented Coronavirus times when we are having to move our business 100% online. We’ve now restructured our weekly schedule which has really helped us to prioritise and be more productive. We can’t recommend Lyndsey highly enough.”

Clare and Anna, Designer and Illustrator at candabytes

“Lyndsey helped me to become more boundaried and organised with my time and gain a greater sense of control over my heavy workload. She helped me to structure my week and schedule my time more effectively.” 

Sheila, Psychotherapist

“Lyndsey’s help with time management and productivity has been an absolute life-saver. I am very much a procrastinator but thanks to Lyndsey, I am now more productive than ever!

Nellie Spoor, Hypnotherapist at Hypnosis with Nellie

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3 hours