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What is Action Learning and how does it work?

Action Learning brings a team or group together, through professionally facilitated confidential group sessions, to provide peer support and improve the way they work.

At each Action Learning session, two participants talk about a specific idea or challenge.

The other participants support them to find (re)solutions, create changes or innovation, take action and be accountable.

At the following Action Learning session, the participants share their progress, so the rest of the team/group can learn from their experiences.

The process is repeated until every participant has had the opportunity to work on their idea/challenge.

Training in giving supportive feedback, through the use of effective listening, reflecting and questioning skills is provided before we get started.

What are the benefits of Action Learning?

  • Problem solving, planning and strategic thinking skills
  • Sharing of skills and expertise
  • Plan and commit to an action plan
  • Accountability
  • Improved working relationships
  • Updated CPD

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