Energy management training

People are responding to rising demands in the workplace by putting in longer hours, which inevitably take a toll on us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Understanding what fuels our capacity to work – our energy – and learning how to increase this capacity is the best way to get more done and create a better work-life balance.

You will learn to:

    • Understand different types of energy and how they impact your day
    • Understand the relationship between the food you eat, your energy and your productivity
    • Know which foods to eat at certain times of the day to stabilise blood sugar levels, boost energy and improve mood
    • Manage your workload around your energy levels
    • Use rest to reset, restore and refocus

Energy management training is also available for individuals.

“The Energy management training was full of useful tips on how to increase your energy through food, hydration, daily habits and rest.
By using the energy tracker and food diary, I was able to identify when my best working hours are and the nutrition that can support me.
I now have a clear plan of how to improve my productivity through the peaks and troughs of my working day.”
Clare Davey, Co-founder of Digi Training

Lyndsey helped me focus on my breaks and time away from my desk through fitness and cycling, enabling me to lose 2 stone by better scheduling and eating habits.” Ray Chapman, Civil Servant

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