group productivity training for teams, groups and organisations in Brighton, Hove, Sussex and London

The workshops can be delivered individually or as a Productivity & Wellbeing training programme for your team or organisation – either in person or online.

time management and productivity training

Time management and productivity training

Learn tools, tips and techniques to help your team or organisation manage their time and workload more effectively and boost their productivity.

meetings workshop

Maximising meetings

Make in person or online meetings impactful, engaging, and productive.

email management business coaching workshop

Email management training

Avoid email overwhelm, gain control of your inbox and boost your productivity.

stress management training

Stress management training

Reduce and manage stress to keep yourself and your team happy, healthy and productive at work.

Energy management training

Energy management training

Boost your energy, mood and productivity to keep alert and focused throughout the day, so you can do your best work… for longer.

coaching skills workshop team training Brighton hove sussex online

Coaching skills 

Learn solution-focused coaching skills to improve the communication, performance and productivity of your team.