time management and productivity training

Time is our greatest resource but it often feels like there is too much to do and insufficient time to do it all in.

You may be looking to improve the way your team work, build better habits and feel more in control of your time and workload.

I help teams and organisations find their focus and achieve their goals by improving their time management, productivity, and wellbeing.

By creating sustainable systems, habits and behaviours, you will be able to do your best work and have more time and energy for the things that matter.

You will learn to:

    • Optimise how you plan and structure your days and weeks
    • Prioritise your time and tasks effectively
    • Use tools to improve communication with team members, collaborators and clients
    • Reduce distractions, procrastination and overwhelm
    • Apply a range of tools, techniques and strategies to work more effectively and boost your productivity
    • Understand how energy affects productivity and performance
    • Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Accountability sessions and/or 1-1 coaching sessions are available following the training to consolidate learning, implement solutions, and maintain motivation.

“Sussex Innovation is very grateful for the time Lyndsey spent with our team and the positive impact it has made on the individuals and organisation.

Since the training, I have noticed a significant difference in the team’s ability to accurately manage their time and an increase in their productivity.

The team are now more mindful of when they are most productive and are able to prioritise tasks accordingly.

I would highly recommend Lyndsey to anyone who is looking to fine-tune their team’s productivity, time and stress management.

Aly Davie,

Head of Catalyst at Sussex Innovation

“Lyndsey’s training has provided useful tips and strategies to support our team’s productivity.

It offered a stimulating environment for positive discussions about how we can best support each other’s different working styles in a hybrid working environment.

Lyndsey has been an effective facilitator for those discussions. 

I can certainly see some tangible benefits already and a mindset shift about how we communicate with each other.

I have been encouraged by the positive response from our team.”

Alex Hankinson,

Co-Director at Midnight Communications

“Lyndsey’s engaging workshop was very informative – packed with insightful techniques for our students, graduates and university staff to apply in their studies and professional working lives.

People left the workshop feeling inspired to test out the new time management tools Lyndsey presented.

If you are looking for an expert in effective time management, Lyndsey is the person you are looking for!”  

Clare Griffiths,

Business Development Manager (Entrepreneurship) at University of Brighton

“Time management & productivity training was just what our team needed to reset, learn new skills and now build them into our busy weekly diaries.”

Kelly Reed

CEO at Moo&Goo

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