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How to evaluate and set your next business goals

Posted on 1 June, 2021 by Lyndsey Segal in Business Coaching

As we approach the halfway point of 2021, it is a good time to reflect on our progress, achievements and challenges so far this year and evaluate the business goals we set for 2021. This will help us to adapt or set new business goals and plan for the rest of 2021.

Here are three questions and three tips to help you:

What goals did I set and what were their outcomes? 

What goals did I set for 2021? 

Have I achieved them? If so, how have they impacted on my business?

Is my next goal(s) still relevant? Do I need to set new goals?

What have been my greatest achievements? 

What am I most proud of? 

How can I build on this successes to set future goals?

What have been my biggest lessons? 

How can I use my experiences to plan my next steps? 

What can I repeat? What can I do differently?

Start with the end in mind

At the end of 2021, how would you like your business to look? 

What would you like to have achieved? 

How do you want to feel?

Write your goals down

You are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down and refer to them often.

Keeping them visible will help boost motivation and accountability

Know why your goals matter

As Simon Sinek says, “Start with the why.” 

The goals you set should be important to you and align with your business purpose and passion.

Set goals that will excite, inspire and motivate you. 

As our businesses evolve, so will our goals. It is important that our goals are flexible to adapt to circumstances, sometimes beyond our control and to build resilience.

How I can help

I can work with you 1:1 to set your next business goals, plan and prioritise your tasks and boost your productivity:

Business planning and development – plan and prioritise the next steps of your business and create an action plan to achieve your business goals.

Time management and productivity – learn tools, tips and techniques to help you manage your time and workload more effectively and boost your productivity.

Accountability coaching – coaching to keep you on track and accountable to achieve your business goals.

These modules are also available as training for teams and organisations.

I have 2 group business coaching events in June:

Your 2021 goals: review and reset – time to review and reset your business goals and redefine your priorities for the rest of 2021.

Thursday, 10th June, 1.30-2.30pm

Entrepreneur’s accountability group – peer support in a confidential and supportive space where you can share your progress with other business owners and grow your network.

Thursday, 17th June 1.30-2.30pm