Productivity Prompts

Productivity Prompts is a desk accessory containing 30 ‘prompts’ – to help you focus, create a productive mindset and good working habits.

Categorised under the 5 headings of:

  • Top tips
  • Planning
  • Prioritising
  • Wellbeing 
  • Motivation

Productivity Prompts will help you to plan your day, prioritise your tasks and boost your motivation and wellbeing.

Your to-do list will thank you for it!

Dimensions: H14 x W9 x D9cm open, 1.5cm closed

Price: £25 plus postage (to UK only)

“Productivity Prompts act as the perfect reminder for staying motivated and on track. The perfect addition to any desk!”

Megan Slaughter, Midnight Communications

“I love the Productivity Prompts. They sit on my desk, and each day I flip to a new one. A friendly reminder helping me to improve my productivity each day.”

Clare Davey, Digi Training

“I love these little cards. They remind me to walk the talk and put what I know I should do into action. They keep me on the right track. ”

Julia Chanteray, Adventures in Products

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