productivity and wellbeing training programme fr teams and organisations

In collaboration with business trainer and corporate health specialist Rachel Shackleton from Green Key Personal Development, this unique training programme will help you and your team to:

  • Understand the different relationships with time and productivity styles among your team
  • Use strategies, tools and techniques to improve time management, increase productivity and optimise communication
  • Plan and prioritise time and tasks effectively
  • Use strategies, tools and techniques to build resilience, mental health, manage stress and improve wellbeing
  • Develop self-care practises for energy, wellbeing and a healthy work/life integration
  • Create action and accountability plans for goal setting and next steps

This training programme can be delivered virtually over 6, 2-hour sessions or in-person over 2 days.

Price for virtual training: £2,400

Price for in-person training: £4,800

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