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Are you juggling working and home schooling? (your kids?)

Are you working remotely without your team?

Do you have teenagers or young adults who are self-studying?

The/my(?) time management and productivity coaching sessions are jam-packed full of tips, tools and techniques that you can apply straight away – to help you manage your time and workload more effectively, adjust to a new way of working and get more done in less time.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Structure, prioritise and schedule your time and workload more effectively
  • Reduce procrastination, distractions and overwhelm
  • Use tools, resources and strategies to optimise your time management
  • Achieve greater control over your time and workload

£99 for a 2-hour coaching session

£149 for a 2-hour coaching session plus

2 follow-up coaching calls for further/extra (?) accountability and support 

“Lyndsey has helped us during these unprecedented times when we’re having to move our business 100% online. We’ve now restructured our weekly schedule to ring-fence deep focus and uninterrupted flow time, which has really helped us prioritise our ‘everyday busy’ and be more productive. Our improved time management means we’re consistently giving our key concentration time and energy to moving our business forward. We can’t recommend Lyndsey highly enough.”

Clare and Anna, Canda Bytes

“Lyndsey helped me to become more boundaried and organised with my time and gain a greater sense of control over my heavy workload. She helped me to restructure my week and schedule my time more effectively.’

Sheila, Psychotherapist

“Lyndsey has provided much-needed clarity to keep me on course through an extremely busy and demanding period. Thanks to Lyndsey, I have been able to unravel the complex list of tasks I had to complete in a short period of time and create a map of the priorities.”

Karen, Company Director and Mum

“Lyndsey helped me to break my workload down into manageable steps to optimise work-flow and fulfilment.”

Zack, University student

“Lyndsey’s help with time management and productivity has been an absolute life saver. I am very much a procrastinator but thanks to Lyndsey I am now more productive than ever!” Nellie, Hypnosis with Nellie

“Lyndsey has helped me manage my time better by introducing me to a variety of tools and strategies which have really helped to move my business forwards.”

Sarah, English Teacher and Mindset Coach