time management coaching and training

In this time management and productivity coaching module, I will help you to:

  • Plan and structure your days and weeks effectively
  • Prioritise your time and tasks
  • Apply a range of proven tools, techniques and strategies to manage your time and workload effectively
  • Reduce distractions, procrastination and overwhelm
  • Boost your energy, focus and attention 
  • Organise your physical and digital workspaces
  • Create a healthy work/life integration

Price: £375

email management

Highly recommended extra – Email management session: £125

“Lyndsey’s help with time management and productivity has been an absolute life-saver.

I am very much a procrastinator but thanks to Lyndsey, I am now more productive than ever!

Nellie Spoor, Hypnotherapist

“I recently attended a Time management and productivity webinar with Lyndsey and found it so inspiring that I subsequently asked her to help me and apply her organisational brain to my own business and endless “to do” list.

Lyndsey is an excellent communicator and quickly pinpointed areas in that I could reduce overwhelm and stress by managing my time in a more structured way.

I feel highly motivated to implement the strategies that we discussed and already feel more in control with a clearer picture of forthcoming plans and projects.

I only wish I had sought Lyndsey’s help sooner!”

Beccy Rork, Musician

“I was overwhelmed with emails, piles of stuff and never-ending to-dos, unable to capture everything and knowing there was a better way of getting things done but not sure how.

Lyndsey’s coaching plus a great book recommendation is transforming my business and personal life!

On top of some great new tools, this has helped me to have processes and systems in place to keep on top of everything.”

Claire Elmes, Wellbeing Consultant

“Lyndsey has been transformational in helping me in my approach to time management.

I now have a new set of tools and instruments that have enabled a paradigm shift in how I approach tasks, optimise my workloads and enable time to be available for disruptions.

Thanks again. You have been truly wonderful!

Ray Chapman, Civil Servant

“Lyndsey has helped us to move our business 100% onlineprioritise our workload and be more productive.

We can’t recommend Lyndsey highly enough.”

Clare and Anna, Artists and Illustrators

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