meetings workshop

Tired of too many meetings?

Are back-to-back meetings making it difficult to get anything done?

Meeting overload continues to be a big problem for many companies, with too many and inefficient meetings being key obstacles to productivity.

If you are looking to rethink your team’s meeting culture and want to find ways to reduce meeting fatigue, optimise your meetings and boost productivity – this workshop is for you.

You will learn to:

    • Meet with purpose and intent to maximise your meetings
    • Reduce and streamline the number and length of your meetings
    • Plan, prepare for and follow-up on your meetings for maximum impact
    • Improve the structure of your meetings
    • Be a more confident meeting leader
    • Attend meetings that get results

Includes practical implementation of reducing, streamlining and optimising your meetings.

Includes templates and tools to help structure and maximise your meetings.

This 2-hour workshop can be delivered in person or online.

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