stress management training

You will learn to:

  • Effectively reduce and manage stress to keep happy, healthy and productive at work
  • Understand the different types of stress and how to manage them 
  • Help and support your team members dealing with stress
  • Use practical techniques and strategies to reduce and manage stress, prevent burnout and build resilience
  • Develop a stress management care plan

Includes a Stress management workbook

This 2-hour training workshop can be delivered in person or online.

Group price: £400 (up to 12 participants)

Stress management training is also available for individuals.

Feedback from Stress Management training:

“The Stress Management training provided a really great insight into the different types of stress and how they can best be managed. It was a very interactive session, which encouraged discussion amongst our team members and helped us understand how we can better support each other going forwards.

Frank Hyde, Catalyst Business Support Executive at Sussex Innovation

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