coaching skills course

You will learn:

  • The benefits of coaching to your business, team or organisation
  • The skills required to be a great coach
  • How to structure and deliver effective coaching sessions
  • How to use powerful questions, active listening, reviewing and summarising skills
  • How to empower others to implement ideas, find solutions to problems, challenges and difficult conversations

What you’ll leave with:

  • An understanding of the relationship between coach and coachee
  • Practiced scenarios of different coaching conversations
  • A list of questions to use in coaching conversations
  • The tools, skills and confidence to apply coaching in your personal and professional life
  • An action and accountability plan to continue to improve your skills

“Lyndsey delivered a Coaching Skills workshop to Managers at VSO, who recently trained in the essentials of line management. This helped our managers refresh their knowledge about coaching, focus on the structure of a successful coaching conversation and practice their skills.

The atmosphere Lyndsey created immediately helped people to open up, share and experiment.

I’m personally grateful to Lyndsey for this session, where our managers from around the world could come together again, build on their learning and support one another.

I feel confident that my colleagues will be trying out new approaches within their work environment and continue building their confidence in coaching their team members.

Zsuzsanna Ujhelyi, Organisation Development Manager at VSO

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