It’s the end of the summer holidays…the kids are back at school…it’s time to get back to (or start a new) routine!

Would you like to:

*get more done in less time

*reduce procrastination and overwhelm

*achieve a healthy work-life balance

This unique and inspiring event will be a great opportunity for you to network and receive a group coaching session to improve your time management for your business/role.

You’ll learn how to:

*Prioritise and manage your time more effectively

*Use effective systems to optimise your time

*Raise your business profile

*Overcome your business challenges

*Improve your networking skills

You’ll leave with:

*Resources for how to sustain your improved time management

*more clarity and focus

*Contacts for a range of potential clients/customers

You can join an online community of other self-employed people and small businesses in Brighton and Hove through the Facebook group: Networking and Coaching Brighton and Hove.

You can also book a FREE 1-1 Coaching consultation with Lyndsey.

About Lyndsey

I am a qualified Career and Small Business Coach and founder of Heads-up Coaching. I help professional men and women start up and develop their businesses and careers. I help find solutions and positive outcomes, while also overcoming obstacles affecting professional performance. To find out more, please take a look at

If you are unable to attend this event but you are interested in 1-1 or group Coaching, please contact me at

Some feedback from previous coffee mornings:

“I attended one of Lyndsey’s group coaching sessions last week and was impressed both by her genuine enthusiasm and the quality of content of the session. Lyndsey is professional and approachable at the same time and clearly cares a lot about helping people to reach their full potential.’

“I picked up some super useful tips that I’ll definitely be putting into action and met some fantastic people.”

“Very productive! It helped me to unblock a problem I needed to overcome. Professional and structured.”

“Feeling very inspired after another great coffee morning and coaching session with Lyndsey.”

“I love the way you shape the sessions from reflective through to action.”

“A really interesting group of people and a good combination of content (I always like to learn something new) andnetworking.”

“The exercises were incredibly helpful. It gave me a lot of clarity on the steps I have two take and I will use it every day to see if I’m on course.”

“Thank you for a lovely gathering of really interesting and useful people. Instant connections and a really informative yet relaxed setting made it a very enjoyable session. I look forward to more of the same.”

“It was useful to create the space to consider goals and also a chance to network and work on my elevator pitch.

“Lyndsey is great! This session helped me to identify a specific goal I can work towards.”

“It helps keep me in the momentum with business ideas and thoughts.”

“The Coaching exercises were very creative and innovative.”