A selection of testimonials and success stories from some of my clients.

Karen Fardell

Company Director, East Sussex

Time management support

Lyndsey’s coaching support has provided a positive shift in my attitude to time management.

Thanks to Lyndsey’s patient coaching, I have been able to unravel the complex list of tasks I had to complete in a short period of time and create a map of the priorities.

Lyndsey has provided much-needed clarity to keep me on course through an extremely busy and demanding period. Thank you!


Civil Servant, Foreign Office

Improving self-confidence

The sessions have provided a solid foundation, some useful techniques, and a clear path to how I can achieve my goal.

Applying these lessons in future situations will not only improve my performance and satisfaction at work, but will also improve my ability to actively seek and engage with feedback and to improve and develop professionally.

The sessions have provided some concrete techniques that will help me to respond to doubts about my confidence in future, and have helped me to understand what self-confidence means and feels like for me.

More fundamentally, the sessions have helped me understand how I can help myself to genuinely feel confident, rather than just act confident.

Lyndsey put me at ease throughout the sessions, and provided a relaxed environment in which I was able to talk and think openly about why I felt my self-confidence was limited, and what I could do to improve it.

I felt that Lyndsey was able to draw on a wide knowledge to select techniques and approaches that were relevant to the issues that I wanted help with, and which were compatible with my own personality and approach.

elevator pitch-testimonial

Maria Anderson-Contreras

Company Director, Hove

Creating an elevator pitch

For years I havn’t been able to define and communicate my role and elevator pitch effectively.

I came to Lyndsey because I felt she could really help me achieve this clarity because I could see that she ‘got’ who I am and what I offer when we met. She is a very authentic person and also very compassionate and I felt these two qualities spoke to me.

At my coaching session with Lyndsey we worked to unpick and create my elevator pitch. I got exactly the clarity I’ve been trying to get and I am literally over the moon.

What we did was essentially a branding process and I strongly recommend this to anyone that has the same challenges as I had.

Bahar Nejad

Architect, Brighton and Hove

Return to work Mum starting her own business

I have had some sessions with Lyndsey to build on my business and get a clearer idea about which direction I wanted to go.

Speaking every week has made me accountable and has definitely pushed things forward quicker than if I had been doing this alone. I have been able to dig deeper and manage my time more effectively.

I found Lyndsey to be a really effective ‘active listener’ – facilitating my own thinking without impressing her own opinion or judgement.

Thank you so much for the coaching, each session made me think about me and how I can change to make my life what I want for both myself and my family.

Coaching with Lyndsey has been such a positive experience for me, and I would encourage anyone who is setting up their own business, or who might be in the future, to have some sessions with Lyndsey.

I am looking forward to my further sessions with Lyndsey and using her support and guidance to help continue to grow my business.

Kamaljeet Sokhi

Health Coach and Chef, Worthing

Branding and business strategy for a start-up business

I was totally in a muddle about all my ideas and services but Lyndsey seemed to effortlessly draw my strengths out. I felt really empowered when I left. I didn’t realise how much I had to offer but once it was written down, I was quite mind blown.

I found Lyndsey very supportive and her coaching skills were excellent. I love her friendly and professional manner.

It’s so great to have a cheerleader and support when you’re first starting up as it can be really overwhelming but Lyndsey takes all that away.

I left with focus, clarity and felt really empowered! Thank you for your time, patience and support!


Creative Director, Brighton

Identifying business objectives and defining brand

By examining my goals with Lyndsey, I was able to attain clarity on my goals for the next year whilst transitioning into new roles.

I like that Lyndsey kept me focused on the tasks and I ended up with a measurable way forward.

I love that I now have some measurable tasks to do which will help me define my framework, brand and roles in my business better.

Nellie Spoor

Hypnotherapist, Hove

Exploring a niche for a start-up business

I came to Lyndsey to get more clarity about my business and where I would like it to go.

I now have a clear idea of what I need to do to bring my business forward.

I have a step-by-step guide for moving my business forward thanks to my action plan.

I now feel more confident and I am very excited about the future, and I know that Lyndsey will be there to help whenever I need it.


Head of English and CPD, UAE

Exploring the balance between professional and family life

I had some coaching sessions with Lyndsey in order to explore opportunities of creating a balance between my professional and family life in an international context.

The coaching sessions were really useful as a way of reflecting on my personal and professional position. It gave me the time out from a really busy lifestyle to actually stop and think about ‘me’.

The tools and techniques Lyndsey used were helpful as they enabled me to break down my strengths and areas of development.

Lyndsey was a good listener and she retained information well from one session to the next. She was very relatable and I found I could talk honestly and openly with her. She was very objective and only made suggestions rather than dictating direction.

As a result of the coaching sessions, I have re-modelled my CV and actively begun applying for jobs which will address the balance that I seek.


Director, Boutique IT Consultant, Hove

Increasing confidence for a corporate presentation

I had a session with Lyndsey to prepare for an important work presentation, which I found extremely helpful and ensured I was in the best position to tweak my presentation and deliver it confidently.

It really helped to talk through my feelings about it and where they came from, as well as where I wanted to be.

Lyndsey had prepared a very targeted session for me which delivered real benefits in a short 2 hours, and offered plenty of practical help as well as well as helping me to change my perspective.


Entrepreneur, Brighton

Establishing key focus areas for a new business 

I worked with Lyndsey for 6 sessions, where together we worked through writing a business plan, goal setting, and using Social Media.

I looked forward to my sessions with Lyndsey. She has a wonderful ability to focus and work towards the desired topics of concern. The process has been incredibly insightful in helping me pinpoint areas to target.

I particularly liked Lyndsey’s empathy and calm approach to coaching. She listened well and grasped my ideas very quickly. Her guidance with different coaching tools were invaluable.

Anyone looking to change their career, improve their skill set or if you need to bounce ideas around, Lyndsey is your lady. Go ahead, give her a try. You will certainly benefit from coaching with Lyndsey.

Claire Jones-Hughes

Digital Marketer and Trainer, Brighton

Exploring business development

I booked a session with Lyndsey to not only get a better understanding of my strengths but where to take the many, many projects I had swirling around my head.

Lyndsey gentle challenges you to consider what will work, what makes you happy and helps with how to get organised.

Within 24 hours, I had goals and an action plan that I feel confident and less stressed about.


New Mum, London

Planning for a return to work Mum

Lyndsey helped me to plot an action plan and I’m looking forward to putting it into practice.

Throughout the session, Lyndsey was clear, empathetic and keen to focus on the positive and the practical.

She gave me time and space to start thinking about my options and I would certainly recommend Lyndsey for anyone looking for help in clarifying and creating their goals.