Clare Griffiths

Business Development Manager (Entrepreneurship) at University of Brighton

I commissioned Lyndsey to deliver a practical workshop on ‘How to Manage Your Time Effectively’ as part of our entrepreneurship support service workshop programme.

I asked Lyndsey to share a range of easy-to-apply tools for our students, graduates and university staff.

Her engaging workshop was very informative – packed with insightful techniques for our service users to apply in their studies and professional working lives.

 People left the workshop feeling inspired to test out the new time management tools Lyndsey presented.

If you are looking for an expert in effective time management, Lyndsey is the person you are looking for!

Simon Chuter

Innovation Adviser at SINC

Lyndsey delivered an excellent Time Management and Productivity Workshop for us.

It really brought the team together, helped them come up with action plans and up-skilled them.

 This will have a very positive outcome for the team.

Jo Deighton

Business Consultant

I have had such a positive experience working with Lyndsey.  I’m thrilled that she helped me to establish clear goals and create a detailed action plan to launch my new business, with an achievable timeline.

Lyndsey has provided me with a greater sense of clarity about my business identity and I have come away feeling inspired and motivated.

She has a vast array of knowledge that she is happy to share and is very easy to work with.

I can’t recommend Lyndsey highly enough and will definitely be coming back for more!

Nellie Spoor

Hypnotherapist at Hypnosis with Nellie

Lyndsey’s help with time management and productivity has been an absolute life-saver.

Lyndsey helped me to get a clear view of my business and what direction I wanted to take it.

I now have a step-by-step guide for moving my business forward thanks to my action plan.

I am very much a procrastinator but thanks to Lyndsey, I am now more productive than ever!

Clare and Anna

Designer & Illustrator

Lyndsey’s support has been invaluable to us, especially in these unprecedented coronavirus times when we’re having to move our business 100% online.

We’ve now restructured our weekly schedule to ring-fence deep focus and uninterrupted flow time, which has really helped us prioritise our ‘everyday busy’ and be more productive.

Our improved time management means we’re consistently giving our key concentration time and energy to moving our business forward.

We can’t recommend Lyndsey highly enough.

Sarah Henderson-Sharon

English Teacher & Language Anxiety Coach

Lyndsey has helped me to find greater clarity and certainty about my business.

Lyndsey’s support has been invaluable; I have learned how to plan and execute sequential steps towards my goals resulting in the goals becoming reality. 

I highly recommend Lyndsey to anyone who is looking for a Business Coach due to her lovely combination of care towards her clients and professionality in her approach.

Sophie Caws

Owner at Brighton & Hove Therapies

Lyndsey is very knowledgeable in her field and immediately puts you at ease with her clear, concise way of explaining things.

I asked Lyndsey to run a workshop for my therapists on time management, which is such an important skill for running a business, and they all found it extremely helpful and informative.

I would highly recommend Lyndsey to support your business and your team.

Zsuzsanna Ujhelyi

Organisation Development Manager at VSO

Lyndsey offered a Coaching Skills workshop to managers at VSO, who recently trained in the essentials of line management.

This helped our managers refresh their knowledge about coaching, focus on the structure of a successful coaching conversation and practise their skills.

The atmosphere Lyndsey created immediately helped people to open up, share and experiment.

I’m personally grateful to Lyndsey for this session, where our managers from around the world could come together again, build on their learning and support one another.

I feel confident that my colleagues will be trying out new approaches within their work environment and continue building their confidence in coaching their team members.

Sadie Honeybun

Garden Designer at Plant People

Brilliant, in-depth sessions that allowed me better insight of my business as a whole. I learnt lots of tips to apply to planning my working practice, great ideas for daily motivation and inspiring practical ways to work efficiently throughout the day/ week/month.

These ideas will all greatly benefit how I work and how to move forward, giving me the confidence boost, focus and direction I need.

The accountability sessions have been invaluable to me to set all my new ideas in motion.

Liz Lilley

Counsellor at Hexagon Online Counselling

Lyndsey helped me to manage my time and focus my marketing whilst niching my business, giving me the skills and tools to find clarity and, in turn, confidence.

Clare Davey

Digital Design Tutor at Digi Training

Since lockdown, I have had to manage my own time more than ever.

Lyndsey helped me understand my own time management style, how to use a range of productivity tools and manage distractions.

As a result, I feel more in control and have managed to devote more time to my business.

Karen Fardell

Company Director at Spring Group

Lyndsey has provided much-needed clarity to keep me on course through an extremely busy and demanding period.

Thanks to Lyndsey’s patient coaching, I have been able to unravel the complex list of tasks I had to complete in a short period of time and create a map of the priorities. Thank you!

Sandra Staufer

Creative Director and Illustrator

By examining my goals with Lyndsey, I was able to attain clarity on my goals for the next year whilst transitioning into new roles.

I like that Lyndsey kept me focused on the tasks and I ended up with a measurable way forward.

I love that I now have some measurable tasks to do which will help me define my framework, brand and roles in my business better.

Karen Kaye


When your life is chaotic with young children as a working from home Mother, time management techniques and improvements are worth their weight in gold.

Lyndsey is warm, down to earth and completely non-judgmental. She makes you feels supported and secure in a bubble that encourages you to achieve your goals.

I will definitely be back for more!

Jason Knight

Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist

Lyndsey helped to reduce the overwhelm I was feeling about creating my business website.

She helped me to streamline my business services and their benefits to my audience.

This helped me to communicate my business with greater clarity and confidence.