As a Career and Small Business Coach, I work with Entrepreneurs, freelancers, Company Directors of SMEs and their teams to help grow businesses and improve their performance and productivity.

Throughout my small business coaching, I take a holistic approach, working with you as a whole, in order for you to achieve personal and professional success.

Small Business Coaching helps to:

  • Gain clearer business direction and development
  • Create and update a business plan
  • Set business goals and a strategy to achieving them
  • Improve branding and marketing
  • Develop a Social Media strategy
  • Strengthen communication with staff, clients and customers
  • Prioritise and focus

“By examining my business with Lyndsey, I was able to attain clarity on my goals for the next year whilst transitioning into new roles. I love that I now have some measurable tasks to do which will help me define my framework, brand and roles in my business better.”

Sandra, Creative Director

“Thanks to Lyndsey’s patient coaching, I have been able to unravel the complex list of tasks I had to complete in a short period of time and create a map of the priorities.”

Karen Fardell, Company Director

Starting Your Start-up

Starting your own business is exhilarating but can also be overwhelming.

Whether you are considering a start-up or you are in the early stages, I help you find clarity, focus and a structure to make your venture a success.

I help you to create balance between your personal and professional life, while possibly juggling parenthood or another job .

I provide support to start-up, promote and grow your business through:

  • Goal setting
  • Business planning
  • Funding and finances
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Action planning
  • Time management

“It’s so great to have a cheerleader and support when you’re first starting up as it can be really overwhelming but Lyndsey takes all that away and I left with focus, clarity, and felt really empowered!”

Kamaljeet Sokhi, Health Coach and Chef

“Speaking every week has made me accountable and has definitely pushed things forward quicker than if I had been doing this alone.”

Bahar Nejad, Architect

Coaching packages and pricing:

After your FREE consultation and assuming we are a good match for working together, I will be able to suggest the most suitable Coaching package for you. Options include:

2-hour intensive Coaching session: £150

Designed to kickstart change, find a breakthrough and achieve a specific goal.

3 (1 hour) Coaching sessions: £215

Designed to find specific solutions and outcomes. Suitable for achieving a short-term goal.

6 (1 hour) Coaching sessions: £415

Designed to deeply explore solutions and outcomes. More suitable for a long-term goal.

I work face-to-face in Brighton and Hove and by Skype/telephone internationally.