Do you have a business idea that you want to develop?

Do you want to grow your existing business?

The Business Boost Programme

The eight Business Boost modules are available as individual or a combination of modules to help you achieve your business goals.

  1. Boost your clarity and communication
  2. Boost your business planning
  3. Boost your brand
  4. Boost your social media
  5. Boost your website
  6. Boost your blog
  7. Boost your time management
  8. Boost your confidence



How I work

I offer a free consultation for you to discuss your goals and aspirations and how coaching can help you achieve them.

We decide a suitable package and I design a bespoke coaching program for you.

I take a holistic approach to coaching by looking at how your work integrates with your lifestyle and help you create a rewarding work/life balance.

I work face-to-face across Brighton and Hove and online.

“I was totally in a muddle about all my ideas and services but Lyndsey seemed to effortlessly draw my strengths out. I left with focus, clarity and felt really empowered!” Kamaljeet Sokhi

“With Lyndsey’s guidance I’ve undergone a mini re-brand, overhauling my website to become more user-friendly and “upped” my online marketing presence. I feel in a much stronger place and the new bookings are rolling in!” Sarah Dawson

“I now have a clear idea of what I need to do to move my business forward. I have a step-by-step guide for moving my business forward thanks to my action plan.” Nellie Spoor

“Lyndsey’s coaching support has provided a positive shift in my attitude to time management. I have been able to unravel the complex list of tasks I had to complete in a short period of time and create a map of the priorities.” Karen Fardell

Coaching packages and prices

2-hour intensive coaching session: £150

3 (1-hour) coaching sessions: £215

6 (1-hour) coaching sessions: £415

12 (1-hour) coaching sessions: £815

I work face-to-face-across Brighton and Hove and online.

The Modules

Boost your clarity and communication

You will learn to:

*Achieve greater clarity of your business message and how to communicate it to your audience.

*Develop customer personas for your target audience.

*Create and deliver a confident and compelling elevator pitch.

*Create strong content for your website, social media platforms and networking.

Boost your business planning

You will learn to:

*Create a simple, easy-to-use business plan.

*Prioritise and structure your action plan.

*Achieve greater clarity and focus for the direction of your business.

*Set motivating and achievable business goals.

Boost your brand

You will learn to:

*Develop a strong brand identity which showcases your expertise.

*Differentiate your offering from your competitors.

*Write your mission statement.

*Increase your visibility with your audience through the power of storytelling.

Boost your social media 

You will learn to:

*Increase your knowledge and confidence in using social media to promote and grow your business.

*Create customer personas of your target audience.

*Write interesting and engaging content.

*Plan and schedule consistent content.

Boost your website

You will learn to:

*Create a clear, easy to use and valuable website.

*Make your business more visible and successful online.

*Make your website stand out from your competitors.

*Optimise SEO and Google ranking.

Boost your blog

You will learn to:

*Create compelling blog content to promote your business online.

*Use you blog to reach a wider audience and boost engagement..

*Structure your blog effectively.

*Use tools to optimise your blog.

Boost your time management

You will learn to:

*Structure, schedule and prioritise your time and work.

*Reduce procrastination and distractions.

*Use tools and resources to improve your productivity.

*Implement a healthier work/life integration.

Boost your confidence

You will learn to:

*Improve your pitching, presenting and public speaking skills.

* Increase your confidence to help grow and promote your business.

*Overcome business obstacles and challenges.