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My top 10 business tips

Posted on 14 December, 2018 by Lyndsey Segal in Business Coaching

As the year draws to an end, I find myself reflecting on 2018, about growing a business and my own company Heads-up Coaching. My reflections encouraged me to identify some business tips that I wanted to share, to help you move your business forward in 2019.

Running a business is a wonderful privilege and opportunity and like most things, is filled with its fair share of highs and lows. At times it feels like being on a rollercoaster!

There is no magic manual or secret formula to running a successful and profitable business as every single one is unique. I don’t ever pretend to have one either.

I do however, feel passionate about helping my clients and attendees of my events find clarity and focus. It’s critical. This helps them start and grow their business, make positive changes, overcome their challenges and find solutions to hit their professional goals and be successful.

So, what words of wisdom can I share with you from the year gone by?

Here are my top ten tips to help run your business:

1. Follow your passion I’m a great believer in the saying ‘Do what you love and love what you do’. Then it doesn’t feel like work but an extension of who you are and what you feel passionate about.

So, if you are thinking about starting a business or a side hustle or perhaps creating a niche, follow your passion.

This helps tremendously in becoming good at the thing you do. That’s where you can really add value to your clients/customers.

2. Find Clarity If you’ve already found your why, it makes it easier to find clarity on what your offering is, who your target audience is, what problems and challenges they have and how you can offer them solutions.

Most of all, clarity helps you to communicate simply and effectively to your potential customers.

3. Set (SMART) goals As the saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’ve got there?”

Setting goals creates direction and a route to where you want your business to be.

Goals help hold you accountable and keep you on track.

Write down your goals, share them, regularly refer back to them, evaluate your goals and rewrite them if necessary.

Remember to reward yourself when you reach your goals!

4. Self-belief Hold firmly onto your belief that you can achieve what you want to achieve.

Keep laser-focused on your values, your mission and your why. This helps you to value your work and your worth.

5. Build relationships Build and nurture a network of people around you, who will be your loyal advocates and sounding boards.

They will be a great source of support as well as your supporters of your business and hopefully will send recommendations and referrals your way.

Reciprocate whenever you can. Be thoughtful to your network – little gestures mean a lot.

Networking events are a great way of meeting local people in similar and different industries to you.

6. Consistency Whether it’s posting on social media, putting on an event, writing a blog or sending out a newsletter to your mailing list, be consistent.

The frequency of when you do these things is down to individual choice but be consistent about being consistent! It will help your audience to build trust in your brand. 

7. Take risks Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You never know where those risks may take you. Remember nothing grows in your comfort zone!

8. Be open to opportunities. Embrace opportunities that come your way with an open mind and an open heart.

You never know where they might lead…

9. Perseverance There’s no such thing as overnight success. It comes from a lot of hard work, patience, persistence and perseverance. Keep laser focused on your values, your mission and your goals.

10. Resilience Your business may not go in the direction you thought it might, you may face knock-backs and challenges that you weren’t expecting. It’s how you bounce back from these that is important.

  • What valuable lessons can you learn?
  • What new opportunities can you create?
  • How can you adapt and move forward?

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t have a magic manual or secret formula but my top ten business tips have given me strength and guidance to grow a business that I love and am incredibly proud of.

I’m learning every day and hope to always continue to do so. This way I can keep making positive changes and improvements to my business; helping me better coach the business owners I have the privilege to work with.

If you would like business coaching or career coaching to help move your career or business forward in 2019, please do get in touch. You can give me a call or drop me an email to or reach out on social media to arrange your free consultation.